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Located in Northern France, IDS PARTNER is specialized in security and access control items. We are selling our products in France and abroad.


Those terms and conditions govern the relationship between IDS PARTNER and its customers. IDS PARTNER and its customer accept them without reservation.


In order to be considered as formal, every order has to include the following steps :

1) The customer agrees with IDS PARTNER’s offer (products, quantities, prices, INCOTERM, validity and payment’s terms). IDS PARTNER’s offer won’t be valid any more once the deadline has expired.

2) The customer sends to IDS PARTNER its purchase order with date, stamp and signature. The purchase order has to mention products, quantities, prices, INCOTERM and payment’s terms. IDS PARTNER will send its order acknowledgement with the same information.

3) IDS PARTNER will send an artwork to its customer. Its customer has to accept it by date, signature and stamp.
Once the artwork is accepted, order’s production will be launched and can’t be changed any more. If the customer validates the artwork although there were a mistake inside the validated artwork, if the goods received comply with the artwork, IDS PARTNER won’t be responsible of this mistake and won’t support any compensation.

4) Payment has to be done according to the payment’s terms mentionned on the offer.

When the customer validates its order, he agrees with those terms and conditions without reservation.

Article 3 – GUARANTEE

If the goods received don’t comply with the order, the customer sends them to IDS PARTNER by supporting the transport costs. IDS PARTNER will analyze the non compliance and will replace the defective goods if needed.
Each non compliance has to be reported to IDS PARTNER within 72 hours from goods’ receipt. Otherwise, IDS PARTNER won’t be responsible and won’t support any compensation.


Regarding neutral products (without customization), the customer can cancell its order within 14 days from order’s receipt. Goods have to be not used and put in its original packaging. The customer has to support the transport costs.

Regarding products with customization : once purchase order and artwork are sent with date, stamp and signature, order’s cancellation is not possible, except with IDS PARTNER’s agreement.
No refund will be accepted and IDS PARTNER won’t support any compensation.

Article 5 – PRICE

Prices are mentionned in euros and don’t include the VAT.
French VAT will be due for each goods sent in Metropolitan France, even for goods for export if those goods are delivered to a private individual in Metropolitan France.
The charge of transport costs and customs duties will be defined by the INCOTERM mentionned on our offer.
IDS PARTNER can change its prices at any time.
Prices invoiced will be the one mentionned on the order acknowledgement.


Products’ pictures on or on any marketing support are not contractual. They may be different than the received products. IDS PARTNER won’t be responsible and won’t support any compensation if there is some little changes between the received products and the commercial pictures. Unless otherwise noted, IDS PARTNER keeps the right to use pictures of customized products made by itself for the customer on its commercial supports.

Article 7 – PAYMENT

Payment will be made by bank transfer according to payment’s terms mentionned on the order acknowledgment.
Any delay in payment will involve the payment of penalties set at 3 times the legal interest rate and the immediate payment of the sums due.

IDS PARTNER can refuse to deal with a customer or to make a delivery for a customer who has not paid all or part of an invoice due or with which there is an ongoing litigation.

Article 8 – DELIVERY

Goods’ delivery is done at the address mentionned on customer’s purchase order.
Delivery time is given only for information and starts from artwork’s validation.

In case of any delays, IDS PARTNER won’t be responsible, won’t support any compensation and the order can’t be cancelled.


Goods delivered or not yet delivered remain the property of IDS PARTNER until the full payment of the goods by the customer.


Risks’ transfer will depend on the INCOTERM mentionned on the offer.
IDS PARTNER won’t be responsible for any damages caused directly or indirectly by its material.

If IDS PARTNER is considered as responsible for such damages, the compensation due to the customer can’t exceed the value of the concerned goods.


IDS PARTNER reserves the right to deal with its partners to realize all or part of the order.


In case of any litigation, the commercial court of LILLE (59000) – France is the only one which has jurisdiction. French law is the only one applicable.