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IDS PARTNER is a young French company, born in July 2021, located in Lille (North of France). We are specialized in the international trading of goodies, customizable textiles and security and access control items.

Aware of working with a pollutant market, IDS Partner is committed from its beginning to a sustainable development approach. We do our best to propose you high quality products, with competitive prices, with an eco-friendly alternative for all our ranges of products.

This quality effort is developed at all stages of the product’s life: from the sourcing to the delivery.

First step: The sourcing of the product

➢ Check of our partner’s certifications

➢ Samples’ tests

Aware of human, social and environmental risks that could bring a production outside the European Union, IDS PARTNER works only with factories inspected, controlled and certified by agencies, standards and quality management systems famous all around the world:


We have tested each product we have put in our range of products. For some products, additional certifications are requested, for example to ensure the food compatibility (FDA and/or LFGB grade), OEKO TEX or GOTS certifications for textiles, NF X 20-702 certification for single use breathalyzers.

By collaborating with IDS PARTNER, you share our values and requirements, which aim to challenge our partners, who must be a part of our continuous improvement.

Second step: The production

Artwork sent to our customers for validation before production

Pre-production of samples before final approval

Quality control during each step of the production’s process

Daily follow-up of the orders

Before launching the production, we send an artwork to our customer. Once artwork is validated, production is planned.

For each step during the production process, there is a random quality control by the operator. If there are defective parts, they are discarded and written in a specific report according to ISO9001 procedures.

For the marking step, a pre-production of samples is made to ensure of the quality of the marking. Once this sample is approved by our customer and by us, the factory launches the totality of the production.

We are in a constant communication with our partner companies, and ask them a daily report of our orders. Thus, we can ensure the proper processing of your order.

Third step: The packaging and the final inspection

Careful packaging to securise the products

Reduction of plastic packaging

Reuse of cardboards

Careful packaging is a guarantee of quality to secure your product and to diffuse a good image of your brand. When it is possible, to support our eco-friendly approach, we reduce the use of plastic packaging. Moreover, everytime it is possible, we reuse the cardboard packaging.

Packaging allows a second quality control and a final inspection, and allows to isolate possible defective products that would not have been detected at the production step.

Fourth step: The delivery

Forwarders well known all over the world

Perfect knowledge of INCOTERMS and the rules of international trade

Delivery follow-up

Our perfect knowledges of the rules of the international trade allows us to make for you all the customs’ duties and to deliver you the products all duties included.

We work only with reliable and very famous forwarders, who can ensure express delivery, such as: DHL, FEDEX, UPS

We are able to ensure express delivery. Yet, when the goods come from Asia, and when it is suitable with your leadtime, we prefer longer leadtime to import the goods by sea or railway, to limit our carbon footprint.

Moreover, we work with a strong partnership with factories based in European union (Such as Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Italia…).They store for us in their warehouses in very large quantities our virgin products. Then, we mark them in their factories or in France.

When your order has left the production site, we will ensure that the delivery is followed up, and we will provide you the tracking numbers and any events that may occur during the delivery of the product.

Fifth step : A professional and friendly team at your service and a quality after-sales services

All the IDS PARTNER’s team is at your disposal to answer your questions as soon as possible.

If there is a problem with your order despite all the procedure described above, feel free to contact us to find the best solution: reproduction of your order, proposal of an equivalent product in the upper range, etc.

Our promise: every problem has its solution, let’s find it together!

How we make the difference? 1% for the Planet

IDS Partner is so proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet.

As a strong commitment is demonstrated by concrete actions, IDS Partner will donate each year 1% of its turnover, whatever the range of products, to environmental associations.

By working with us, you support very nice actions for environment you can find on this website: